Monday, December 5, 2011


It wasn’t a flood or natural disaster that left 11 families in Dimock, PA without drinking water. The disaster in Dimock was created single-handedly by the Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation’s use of the hazardous drilling method known as fracking.

On December 1st, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) allowed the company to halt delivery of water to affected families, leaving them with only the toxic, flammable water that has made them ill and caused skin lesions.

One of the families, Craig and Julie Sauntner, had good, clean drinking water until they leased their land to Cabot for drilling in 2008. Weeks after, their water turned a murky brown; their son Cody developed sores on his legs and their Kelley daughter had to lay down after showering for fear of passing out. For three years the Saunters have lived like prisoners in their own home, frightened about the health effects of contamination, unable to move because their property’s value has plummeted to almost nothing. But they were at least able to survive with regular water deliveries.
Now Kelley Sautner doesn’t know what she’ll do if she has to start drinking her tap water again. “I don’t want to do that because I want to have babies one day, I want to be healthy.  I don’t want to have contaminants in my body that shouldn’t be there.”
The time has come to take action to support our friends in Dimock. Cabot Oil and Gas, and the Pennsylvania DEP are neglecting their responsibility to aid the people whose lives they damaged. Tell Pennsylvania Governor Corbett he made the wrong choice, effectively selling out his constituents and allowing a travesty of justice to take place on his watch.
Here are important ways you can help the fracking victims in Dimock: 
1. Help us bring water to the fracking victims in Dimock by making a donation here. 
2. Sign our petition to the PA Inspector General and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson here.
3. Come with us to deliver clean water to families in Dimock! Sign up here.
On December 6th, we will do the work of Cabot Oil & Gas and the Pennsylvania DEP for them. Residents of New York and Pennsylvania will deliver their own clean water to the affected families in Dimock. There will be a bus from NYC, and carpools from other locations. If you can join us, please sign up here.
We’ll be collecting water donations at the Brooklyn Commons in New York City on December 3rd – 5th from 10-6 each day to take down to Dimock with us. Drop off address: 388 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217. Phone number: 347-689-3908.
Click here to see the Water for Dimock Press Advisory

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